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BPK Financial Services, LLC is a CPA firm founded on integrity, dedication, and the dynamic pursuit of client satisfaction.  

Our goal is to serve the accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, and the auditing of profit and loss statements for mortgage applications and tax needs of small businesses and individuals. Additionally, we are available to serve your mortgage loan origination needs.

We will confidently provide a broad array of services that will exceed your financial expectations.  

At BPK Financial Services, LLC, it is our mission to provide our clients with innovative and progressive financial solutions while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.  

We have a passion for delivering great customer service.  Each request from our clients is treated as an opportunity to build, nurture, and solidify a professional relationship. See our services below and contact us today for your free consultation.


What's our Purpose?

Our Services



We work with small to medium-size businesses to provide in-person and virtual (remote) accounting services. These services include accounts payable, bookkeeping, transaction coding, payroll management, and financial statement preparations.

Tax Preparation

We work with small business and individual tax returns. It is our goal to minimize taxes for every client from individuals to small businesses.

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New Business Formation

We can help you organize your business in different ways. We will provide you with an inclusive orientation on all the forms and information that you will need in order to start your new business and avoid the mistakes that many new businesses make.

CPA Letter and Auditing of Profit & Loss Statements

Many mortgage companies require letters from your CPA stating how long you’ve been in business, the type of business you participate in, and its legitimacy. Your lender may also want an audited Profit and Loss statement to show that your income is legitimate and can be tied back to your bank statements and/or your previous tax returns.

At BPK Financial Services, LLC we have worked closely with Mortgage Loan Originators to meet the needs of new home buyers


Mortgage Loan Origination

We will help you get the right mortgage for your real estate transactions involving the purchase or refinance. As your mortgage loan advisor, we will guide you through the mortgage loan approval process.